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Image of Jacob's Dream

Jacob's Dream

by Matthieu Leger


Artist: Matthieu Leger

Title: Jacob's Dream

Dimensions: 72 x 43cm

Medium: Innova Soft Textured Natural White 315gsm and Ultra Chrome Epsom Inks

Matthieu Leger’s work explores ideas of the creative psychological space. Navigating world history, symbols, semiotics and metaphor, Matthieu presents us with fabricated imaginary places not bound to the confines of our given reality.

Presented almost as multi-layered maps, puzzles or cyphers, waiting to be solved, Matthieu’s work allows for a mysterious, imaginative and open interpretation to unfold within the viewer.

In this work lines and forms are nonsensical, and the enigmatic figure standing stout on the distorted triangle, although central seems lost within the rest of the imagery. This leads to perplexing ideas questioning the relationship between the presence of the figure and the rest of the composition.

Original works by Matthieu are available, to find out more please contact Jack on: or 0778 050 3180

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