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Image of Hello From Everywhere 3D

Hello From Everywhere 3D

by Geoff Diego Litherland


Artist: Geoff Diego Litherland

Title: Hello From Everywhere 3D

Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm

Medium: Giclee Print

Geoff’s work explores the tension between the natural world and its grasping appropriation by human influence. It draws from traditional genres of painting together with the rusty surrealism of science fiction and the fantasia of abstraction to create a parallel world that seeks to not only question our perception of and relationship to nature, but paintings’ historical and current role in that.

This work is a 3D digital print and the image comes to life when viewed through a set of red/blue 3D glasses. The landscape is depicted as a microcosm suspended in the vast plethora of outer space. His use of stark red and blue tones contrast with the hazy image of the earthy colours of the landscape.

Original works by Geoff are available, to find out more please contact Jack on: or 0778 050 3180

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